A Martyr’s Death

Edith Cavell Portrait

She who was so young
in the prime of her life,
would go down in history
dying a martyr’s death.

She who gave her life
willingly for her country,
assisting soldiers in need
died, for offering charity.

She will always be remembered
this Norfolk lass; Edith Cavell
her life cruelly taken from her
in a hail of bullets.

Early Flight: King Bladud

King BladudThe concept of flying attracted many, believing they would be revered by their people… One such person was King Bladud (The father of William Shakespeare’s King Lear).  So it was in 850BC, King Bladud with wings attached to his arms, was lifted by a gust of wind, as he continually flapped his arms.

A large crowd of citizens had gathered at New Troy (London) to watch their king take to the skies above.  As they watched on, what appeared at first to be flight, turned to horror, as he lost his balance in mid-flight, crashing head first into the temple of Apollo.

King Bladud suffered many injuries from his fall from the skies, from which he died later.

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Illuminati: John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

On the 29th May 1917, John F Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, to parents Joseph and Rose Kennedy.

In August of 1943, as commander of Patrol Torpedo boat (PT-109), was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps medal for his act of heroism.  PT-109 was struck by a Japanese destroyer, and despite serious injuries to himself, led the survivors through perilous waters to safety.

Following the Second World War, became a Democratic Congressman and advanced in 1953 to the Senate.

On the 12th September 1953, John F Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier, and were blessed with two children; Caroline (1957) and John (1961).

In 1955, wrote the book, “Profiles in Courage,” which won him the Pulitzer Prize in History.

On the 2nd January 1960, he announced his intention to run for President…  John F Kennedy, became the youngest man, and the first Roman Catholic President of the United States.  At his inaugural address to fellow American’s on the 20th January 1961, he asked of all American’s:  “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

 The Cold War was in full swing, when Kennedy assumed the post, as President, and Cuba declared its allegiance to the Soviet Union.  It looked as though World War Three was inevitable.  To break tensions, JFK ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion.

October 1962, a tense period of the Cold War.  For thirteen long days, the United States and Soviet Union faced off against each other, with the might of their missiles.

War was averted, missiles were withdrawn, diplomacy talks between Kennedy and Khrushchev led to peace.  How close they had come…

The Cuban Missile Crisis, saw Kennedy and diplomacy at its finest, he had averterd war, but his master’s the Illuminati, were not happy with the outcome.

The Illuminati expected JFK to invade Cuba, but he chose the route of diplomacy… He left them with na alternative, but to dispose of him, and replace him with another.  One who would do right by the Illuminati.

President John F Kennedy was assassinated around 12-30pm on the 22nd November 1963, as his motorcade drove slowly through the streets of Dallas, with his wife; Jacqueline at his side.  Streets full of smiling, waving crowds, were shocked, as shots rang out; Kennedy had been struck twice, once to the neck, the other to his head.  President Kennedy was pronounced dead, upon arrival at Hospital.

Within hours Lee Harvey Oswald, known to have Communist sympathies, a known Illuminist who had been recruited through New World Order Channels, for his time spent in the Soviet Union and Mexico, was arrested for the President’s murder.

Vice-President Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as the new President, some two hours after the assassination, on board “Air Force One.”

At a late-night press conference, Oswald denied killing Kennedy, claiming to be a patsy for the Illuminati.

Oswald, a former U.S. Marine, who had defected to the Soviet Union, returning to the United States with his Russian wife.  On the 24th November, Oswald was being moved to Dallas County Jail.  Anidst media and detectives, Jack Ruby shot Oswald in the stomach, claiming it as an impulse action to the President’s murder.

Unconsciously, the American people, felt Kennedy was their hero, he who would shield them from a dangerous world.  Their hero had been slain… and grief took hold.

“The greatest leader of our time had been struck down by the foulest deed of our time.”  By Lyndon B Johnson (US President – 27th November 1963).

 The actions taken by John F Kennedy, in his eyes, would see world peace.  That was a risk, one he was prepared to take, cross swords so to speak, with those who put him in power.

 The Cuban Missile Crisis, proved to be a big gain for U.S. diplomacy and the Kennedys, but a major blow to the Illuminati.

For the Illuminati, the Secret Society, this was a major loss to them.  A nuclear war, would see the creation of a single power.  Soviet Union eliminated by America, and a single economic power would remain; NATO.  Large parts of the world in ruins, and so steps in the Illuminati, who would re-design hardest hit countries, through banking and finance.  The world would be as one, a single Kennedy broke ranks with his masters, the illuminate who put him in a position of power.  He pursued peace, through tals with Khrushchev, in opposition to the will of Illuminati.  He believed peace in the world, was far more important than serving his satanic masters.  He prevented a nuclear war, and as a result paid for it with his life…

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Dawn of Flight: Icarus

Icarus - Wikipedia.jpg

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has been fascinated by the secret, the magic and mystery of flight.  If only he could fly, this would change one’s life, for he would be able to escape the troubles and cares of the world.  He would be closer to his God!

One of the memorable Greek myths reflects on both the desire to fly and the dangers that go hand in hand with it.

Daedalus, an Athenian engineer employed by King Minos of Crete, built a labyrinth to house the Minotaur; half man and half bull.

When Daedalus slipped out of favour, his King had him jailed along with his son Icarus, in the labyrinth.  Daedalus and Icarus made themselves wings out of wax and feathers, and escaped by flying off over the sea.  But their flight to freedom, quickly ended in tragedy, for Icarus failed to heed his father’s warning, not to fly too high, or too close to the sun.  It wasn’t long, before the wax in his wings started melting as he flew close to the rays of the sun, and he fell out of the sky, to certain death.

Daedalus escaped, landing in Naples, but never took to the skies again.

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Yorkists: The Young Princes

Young Princes

King Edward IV dies
Edward V is king,
Richard acts as regent
until boy, becomes a king.

Richard has the young princes
moved to the Bloody Tower,
Richard has aspirations
of being crowned himself.

Richard questions their heritage
Parliament agrees to his claim,
princes declared illegitimate
no longer, heirs to the throne.

Richard becomes Richard III
the princes become no more,
murdered and hidden in tower
by an unknown murderer.

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Tower’s Ghosts: The Young Princes

Young Princes

The Young Princes

One mystery that has never been solved has to be the disappearance and highly probable murder of the two young princes: Edward and Richard in 1483.

Here are the facts, for you to make up your own opinion of what happened to them:

When King Edward IV died in 1483, the throne should have gone to his son, Edward V, with Edward’s brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester as his Protector, until Edward V could rule.

Within three months, Richard Duke of Gloucester had convinced Parliament to rule the young princes as illegitimate, for they were actually his other brother’s children, The Duke of Clarence, who was executed privately for treason.

This proved to be enough evidence and Parliament conferred him to be the rightful heir to the English Throne, making him King Richard III.

King Richard’s reign had been overshadowed by the threat of a Tudor invasion.  It was in August 1485 they landed, and both armies clashed on Boswoth Field, where he was slain in the battle. His time as King was short lived.

So the obvious question that is asked by so many.  Did he kill the two young princes, or did he order their execution.

Which ever way we look at it, Prince Edward V, stood in his way of him becoming King of England.  Once they were both declared illegitimate he couldn’t have them around, for he did not know what trouble they could cause in later years, and what supporter’s they had.

The Tower of London, like so many other historical buildings has its own collection of ghosts roaming the corridors.

According to the definition of what a ghost actually is.  The soul is not able to rest in peace and they remain in old but familiar places.  It could be caused by the brutal way in which they died, for that reason they are unable to pass from this world to the next.

According to one account by guards in the latter part of the 15th century.  Two small figures were spotted gliding down the tower stairs, and believed to be none other than the two young princes… Prince Edward V and his brother Prince Richard, Duke of York.

In 1674 workmen found a chest that contained the skeletons of two young children, they were thought to be the remains of the young princes, and were given a royal burial not long afterwards.

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Royal Scandal: Catherine & Owen

Owen Tudor Catherine-of-Valois

Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor

If we travel back to the Middle Ages, marriages were less of love, but more about politics.  Marriage below your rank was frowned upon, yet these did take place.

Catherine of Valois married Henry V, part of an agreement in the Treaty of Troyes of 1420, intended to end the “Hundred Years War.” She bore Henry a son; Henry VI who would inherit the thrones of England and France.

With the death of Henry V in August 1422, Henry VI was appointed a Regent, and Catherine had no part in the affairs of the state, on behalf of her son.

Catherine, former Queen of England, would require the consent of the adult King, should she wish to remarry.

Parliament had not expected, this Queen Consort of the royal household, to cause a scandal, by having a liason, with her steward, Owen Tudor, and to make matters worse, had four children.

Parliament, viewed this as a disgrace in royal circles, however one of her sons, Edmund, married a Lancastrian heiress; Margaret Beaufort, founding the Tudor Dynasty.

Catherine of Valois was banished for her indiscretion, with one of a lower rank, and died aged 35.

Owen Tudor remained a servant within the House of Lancaster, and was executed by Yorkists, following the “Battle of Mortimer’s Cross.”

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