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Anglo-Saxon Gods


Thor of Thunder

The Anglo-Saxons worshipped many Gods, and their religion was closely related to that of the Old Norse beliefs and the Vikings.

Woden: God of Wisdom

Thor: God of Thunder

Tiw: God of War

Frig: Goddess of Fertility

From whom names of the day were so derived:  Wednesday – Thursday – Tuesday – Friday

The Anglo-Saxons were converted to Christianity by the Celtic Church, which survived in Wales, Cornwall and Ireland, influenced the north of England from an early base on Lindisfarne island.

In addition the Roman Catholic Church gained a foothold in the south, when St.Augustine a Benedictine monk was sent by Pope Gregory the Great to conduct a mission to Aethelbert, King of Kent, the great grandson of Hengest.  Augustine landed at Thanet in 597.  Aethelbert had married a Christian princess; Bertha, daughter of the Frankisk King: Charibert, who encouraged his conversion.  On the 2nd June 597, Aethelbert was baptized, and there after a new faith spread rapidly among the Anglo-Saxons.  Augustine was later to become the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

In the 630’s Birinus converted the Kingdom of Wessex under Cynegils, who was baptised with King Oswald of Bernicia as his godfather, leading Birinus to be known as the “Apostle to the West Saxons” he later became the first Bishop of Dorchester.


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