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Royal Scandal: Catherine & Owen

Owen Tudor Catherine-of-Valois

Catherine of Valois and Owen Tudor

If we travel back to the Middle Ages, marriages were less of love, but more about politics.  Marriage below your rank was frowned upon, yet these did take place.

Catherine of Valois married Henry V, part of an agreement in the Treaty of Troyes of 1420, intended to end the “Hundred Years War.” She bore Henry a son; Henry VI who would inherit the thrones of England and France.

With the death of Henry V in August 1422, Henry VI was appointed a Regent, and Catherine had no part in the affairs of the state, on behalf of her son.

Catherine, former Queen of England, would require the consent of the adult King, should she wish to remarry.

Parliament had not expected, this Queen Consort of the royal household, to cause a scandal, by having a liason, with her steward, Owen Tudor, and to make matters worse, had four children.

Parliament, viewed this as a disgrace in royal circles, however one of her sons, Edmund, married a Lancastrian heiress; Margaret Beaufort, founding the Tudor Dynasty.

Catherine of Valois was banished for her indiscretion, with one of a lower rank, and died aged 35.

Owen Tudor remained a servant within the House of Lancaster, and was executed by Yorkists, following the “Battle of Mortimer’s Cross.”

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