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Anne Frank: Born 12th June 1929

Anne FrankAnne Frank was born on the 12th June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to parents Otto and Edith.  Her first four years she enjoyed life, growing up in the family home, until the Nazi’s came to power, and Germany changed overnight.

Being of German Jewish descent, the family feared for their lives and moved to Holland in 1933, where her father set up a business.

Anne and her older sister Margot attended the local school, and life was good to them.  All that changed overnight, they saw their heritage, their life being threatened once again, when Holland was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1940.

According to the rules as laid down; Jewish children were to attend Jewish schools only.  All Jewish residents in Holland were subjected to curfews and were forced to wear a yellow star upon their clothes – an identification of who or what they were.  Otto Frank signed his business over to a friend, as it was now against the law for any Jew to own a business.

On Anne’s 13th birthday, her father gave her an autograph book which she turned into a diary telling how they were segregated and discriminated because they were Jewish.

July 1942, Margot her sister, received orders to report for relocation to a work camp, that sent fear through the family.  Father arranged for them to go into hiding, fearing the atrocities of the German Nazi movement.

On the 6th July they went into hiding, in a space located above the business premises, with no visible access, supported by friends who brought them food and clothing.

Her diary: Anne Frank’s diary told of her life in seclusion, as witnessed by herself.  Her fear, and the long hours of boredom which went with it.

Her diary ended in 1944, when their hiding place was raided by the authorities.  Anne and Margot were sent to Auschwitz and later moved to Bergen-Belsen where they both died from typhoid in 1945.

The Diary of Anne Frank’s experiences in occupied Holland at the hands of the German Nazi’s are told in her book first published in 1947, and translated into more than sixty languages.


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