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Benjamin Franklin: The Hell-Fire Club

Hell-Fire Club

The Hell Fire Club

Benjamin Franklin, remembered as one of the greatest of the Founding Father’s of the United States, having signed all original founding documents: (Declaration of Independence – Treaty of Paris – U.S. Constitution).

Benjamin Franklin played a major role in America’s development:

  • Unifying the colonists in their rebellion against England.
  • Philosophy concerning the rights of mankind.
  • Facilitating the American Revolution.

Benjamin Franklin, member of secret groups, in America, France and England, the main players of the War of Independence.

  • Master of the Masonic Lodge of Philadelphia.
  • Master of the Nine Sisters Lodge of France, from which came the French Revolution.
  • England’s Hell-Fire club, a political and sexual club founded by Francis Dashwood.

Franklin was Deputy Postmaster General for North America, and agent to the Pennsylvania Assembly, who resided in London, England for sixteen years.

Franklin became great friends with Francis Dashwood, Lord Despencer, and became a regular guest at the Dashwood estate of West Wycombe Park.

Some six miles from the Dashwood estate, on the banks of the River Thames, close to Marlow, laid the ruins of Medmenham Abbey.  A former Cistercian Order of Monks, had founded it in 1145, and it was the perfect location for the Hell-Fire club, located in a grove of trees, and almost concealed from sight.  Access for members of the Hell-Fire club was by boat, it was perfect, offering privacy from the outside world.

The derelict Abbey was rebuilt, and grounds landscaped.  Marble pillars were erected containing carved pornographic inscriptions.

DCF 1.0

Temple of Music

Small Grecian styled temples were located in the grounds.  Building were designed to display the theme of sexuality…  on one side of the main door, sat the statue of Harpocrates, the God of silence… opposite was Volupian Angerone, the Goddesss of secret passion.

The Roman Room within the Abbey housed indecent Roman frescoes, walls covered in famous English prostitutes, complimented with Egyptian gods and goddesses in wall niches.

Around 1752, Dashwood opened the Medmenham Monks Society, later known as the Hell-Fire club.  For his monks, there be nuns…  Many were prostitutes, other’s local women who craved excitement, but mostly ladies of society.

The order consisted of two groups of monks; the superiors and inferior members.  The Hell-Fire club was frequented by many important people, with combined power, they could control governments.

Benjamin Franklin Portrait by Artgalleria

Benjamin Franklin

It was for this reason Benjamin Franklin became a member around 1764.

In February of 1998, during excavations being carried out at Franklin’s London home, of 36 Craven Street, the bodies of four adults, six children and animal remains were discovered.

Was this for use by William Hewson, for the medical school ran in the rear of the property, or connected to the Hell-Fire club?

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