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CavePaintingHistory is in my blood… it runs through my veins.  My passion in my teenage years, involved researching our history, along with a love of photography.  However, this site is more about a love to know more about our past, and share my findings with others. A continuation from my younger days, when as a teenager I often got involved as a volunteer on archaeological digs.  For me photography was the stepping stone to investigating history and its buildings.

History… Our Evolution, will concentrate on England’s early history, from creation of planet earth, up to the end of the Anglo-Saxon period in 1066, when the Norman’s secured the English crown at the “Battle of Hastings.”  From there we will burst forth into articles based on historical events.

England’s Kings and Queens will be posted in poetical format.

It is my intention to add selected invention articles, these will represent our evolution through time… How mankind evolved.

As I have got older, and reach my retirement, I yearn to discover more about our historical development.  So come join my journey…