A Martyr’s Death

Edith Cavell Portrait

She who was so young
in the prime of her life,
would go down in history
dying a martyr’s death.

She who gave her life
willingly for her country,
assisting soldiers in need
died, for offering charity.

She will always be remembered
this Norfolk lass; Edith Cavell
her life cruelly taken from her
in a hail of bullets.

Yorkists: The Young Princes

Young Princes

King Edward IV dies
Edward V is king,
Richard acts as regent
until boy, becomes a king.

Richard has the young princes
moved to the Bloody Tower,
Richard has aspirations
of being crowned himself.

Richard questions their heritage
Parliament agrees to his claim,
princes declared illegitimate
no longer, heirs to the throne.

Richard becomes Richard III
the princes become no more,
murdered and hidden in tower
by an unknown murderer.

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Thomas Becket (Sonnet)


Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket, man of God
once confidante, of the King,
transferred his allegiance to God
as church opposed the King.

The King called out in despair
will anyone rid me of this man,
knights hearing of their King’s despair
answered the call, to remove this man,

They killed him
this man of God,
they murdered him
upon his altar; to God,

Henry II and his knights
paid penance, for taking Becket’s life.

Queen Boudicca


Queen Boudicca

Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni
had her lands by marriage
taken from her, by the Romans.

She watched on, helplessly
as her daughter’s virginity
were taken from them.

Anger seeped through her body
her daughter’s had been defiled
she wanted justice…

She rose up out of revenge
demanding justice and payment
in Roman blood…

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