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Once again I want to thank Jason for inviting me to Guest Post on his blog. Jason does so much to help authors promote their work and I know we all really appreciate it. King Alfred the Great is one of the two protagonists in my Sons of Kings trilogy. I first became interested in his […]

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John Aubrey: The Man who ‘Discovered’ Avebury


On 7 January 1649  John Aubrey  wit, raconteur and sometime antiquary was out hunting with friends when he chanced upon a north Wiltshire village. What he stumbled upon there – and more importantly recognised – were the remains of an ancient earthwork containing a series of stone circles and settings.

John_Aubrey[1].jpg John Aubrey  Today travellers from across the planet have little difficulty in recognising Avebury henge and stone circles as ancient. But it was far from easy in Aubrey’s day. A thriving village had grown up around and between the stones.

Fields, houses, gardens and even inns had been laid out within the bank and ditch and many stones that we see upright today lay buried (it would be another three hundred years  before Alexander Keiller revealed and re-erected them).

If truth be told John Aubrey wasn’t actually the first person to recognise the antiquity of Avebury. John Leland in his, ‘Itineraries,’ based on journeys he made through England and…

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