Royal Scandal: Rules of Marriage

Lady Mary Grey

Lady Mary Grey

She crossed the class divide, and married below her status.  Lady Mary Grey, this woman of the Royal household, she caused a scandal in Tudor England.

Lady Mary Grey, daughter of Frances Brandon, Duchess of Suffolk, and maid of honour to her cousin Queen Elizabeth.

She knew she would never be in line of succession to the English throne, believing rules about marriage did not apply to her.

She married Thomas Keyes, Sergeant in charge of palace security, a widower with several children, without the Queen’s permission in July of 1565.

Queen Elizabeth, hearing of the wedding had Thomas Keyes arrested and thrown into prison, and Mary placed under house arrest… never the two would meet again.

In 1569, Keyes was released from Fleet Prison, and returned to Kent, where he died a few months later.

Mary was held under house arrest by relatives, until the Queen allowed her back to Court in the latter months of 1577, she tasted freedom for a few months, before she passed away in 1578.

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A Tudor King: Henry VII

King Henry VII

King Henry VII

Henry was born on the 28th January 1457 to parents Edmund Tudor the Earl of Richmond and Margaret Beaufort at Pembroke Castle in Wales.  On the 22nd August 1485 he ascended to the English throne, after defeating King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, and was crowned at Westminster Abbey, as King Henry VII of England on the 30th October 1485.

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

On the 18th January 1486, he married Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, thereby uniting the houses of York and Lancaster.  She bore him seven children, only four survived infancy; Arthur, Margaret, Henry and Mary.

On the 16th June 1487, Henry’s forces did battle with loyal Yorkists at the “Battle of Stoke” putting out the fire of rebellion, aimed at him.

On the 25th November 1487, Elizabeth of York was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey.

On the 11th June 1488 James IV ascended to the Scottish throne, and one of his first acts was to permit rebel Yorkists safety in Scotland.

In 1492 Perkin Warbeck, claimed he be, the rightful heir to the throne, son of Edward IV, and imprisoned in the Tower of London.  Support for the pretender grew, until he was hanged on the 23rd November 1499, on the charge of treason.

On the 14th November 1501, Catherine of Aragon, daughter of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain married Henry’s eldest son; Prince Arthur, by the then Archbishop of Canterbury (Henry Deane) at St.Paul’s Cathedral.

On the 24th January 1502 three treaties were signed between James IV of Scotland and Henry VII of England; a Treaty of Perpetual Peace, Treaty of Marriage between James IV and Henry’s daughter Margaret plus Treaty of Preservation covering Anglo-Scottish borders.

On the 25th January 1502 James and Margaret were married by proxy, and married on the 8th August 1503 at the Chapel of Holyrood house.

On the 2nd April 1502, Prince Arthur, Henry’s son died.

On the 11th February 1503, Elizabeth died and was buried at Westminster Abbey … Henry VII had lost his partner.

On the 25th June 1503, Henry the Prince of Wales is betrothed to Catherine of Aragon to preserve the English – Spanish alliance.

On the 21st April 1509, King Henry VII the first Tudor Monach of England, died at Richmond Palace, and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

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Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York was born on the 11th February 1466 at Westminster Palace to parents Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.  She being the sister of Prince Edward V and Prince Richard, the Duke of York, both believed murdered on the express orders of Richard III.

Elizabeth Woodville must have trusted Richard III when he moved the two princes to the Tower of London, but the events that followed, saw that trust taken away as Richard became King of England.

Elizabeth Woodville

Elizabeth Woodville

Elizabeth Woodville, made an alliance with Lady Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry Tudor, wanting to see Richard removed from the throne, and protection for her daughter; Elizabeth of York.

Henry swore an oath at Renes in December of 1483, that once he had removed Richard from the English throne, and taken his place as England’s King, he would marry Elizabeth of York.

On the 22nd August 1485, Henry Tudor met Richard III at the “Battle of Bosworth Field,” where Richard lost his life.

King Henry VII

King Henry VII

On the 30th October 1485, Henry Tudor was crowned King Henry VII of England, the first Tudor King at Westminster Abbey.

On the 18th January 1486, Elizabeth of York married King Henry VII and ascended to Queen Consort of England on the 25th November 1487 at Westminster Abbey.

Elizabeth bore Henry seven children, only four survived infancy:

Arthur, the Prince of Wales, was born on the 20th September 1486, married Catherine of Aragon in 1501, and died on the 2nd April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, and buried at Worcester Cathedral.

Margaret Tudor was born on the 28th November 1489, married King James IV of Scotland, Archibald Douglas the Earl of Angus, Henry Stewart Lord Methven, and died on the 18th October 1541.

Henry was born on the 28th June 1491, and became King Henry VIII of England upon the death of his father.  He married; Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Catherine Parr and died on the 28th January 1547.

Mary Tudor was born on the 18th March 1496 and married King Louis XII of France, Charles Brandon the Duke of Suffolk, and died on the 25th June 1533.

Elizabeth of York, Queen Consort of England passed away on the 11th February 1503 at Richmond Palace following complications in child birth, and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

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